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Yahoo mail, yahoo account is not working in my Nokia 6.1 plus


I have purchased Nokia 6.1 plus 3 days ago. But I am not able to login to my yahoo account. I tried even in desktop version and yahoo mail app. Still it is not working. Any suggestions please let me know.


Santhosh KS

Yea even I am facing the same issue .Tried with other mobiles and yahoo mail works ok Maybe issue with old yahoo . com account and not
Is there a solution to this ?
I am facing similar one on Amazon app. Not using Yahho so can't talk. What I know is the issue related to "Android web view" update which upon disabling going to 2 year old app state. Just so that you know, with latest Chrome architecture, enabling web view require Chrome to be disabled.
Did any of you get a solution or work around on this?

Disable google chrome. Then enable "Android Web View". Then head to play store to update "Android Web View". Yahoo should work now.

Tried performing the suggested solution however still no luck. In fact unable to login on any other browser as well on this device.
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