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Is it Worth to Buy Nokia 6.1 Plus?

As I have asked many friends and some other persons on social media about Nokia 6.1 Plus. But their reply was mixed. So not able to decide whether I should buy it or not. From our childhood, we are seeing Nokia mobiles. And we all know the durability of Nokia phones. So I trust Nokia. But at present, I have no idea as they started with windows phone and according to me, they are lagging far behind in Android phones than other smartphones. I have seen all the specifications also of this phone from a lot of sites. Checked all reviews and everything I can do. And I got a link from facebook I think about Nokia 6.1 Plus autobuy. And there they are telling that Nokia is back again. And with an awesome smartphone. SO just help me with this that I should buy it or not. Thanks..!!

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I will recommend Nokia 6.1 Plus..for I have bought can try using Autobuy Flash Sale Extension.

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