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2x optical zoom

2x optical zoom in Nokia 7 Plus is not smooth. While switching from 1x to 2x optical zoom, it struggles to switch to 2x optical zoom. Please solve this issue in a new Nokia Camera App update.

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Nokia Camera App needs optimization for switching from 1x to 2x optical zoom. As of now there's no optimization in Nokia Camera App while switching from 1x to 2x optical zoom while pointing at far objects.

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While pointing at far objects, there's no smoothness while switching from 1x to 2x optical zoom using Nokia Camera App. Camera is getting little bit struggle while switching from 1x to 2x optical zoom.
In my Nokia 7 plus the TELEPHOTO lens is not working. It just does a digital zoom. I'm on Android Pie Developer Preview. Even when I cover the telephoto lens completely with my finger I can still see the image.
The telephoto lens works only when there is proper lighting.
Not sure about this. After your reply I just went outside, it's bright sunny day here. Sadly the lens still not working.  Maybe some problem with my device. 
Once again cover rear bottom camera with your finger in 2x zoom in outdoor sunlight conditions. If it's still showing image, then rollback your device to Android Oreo 8.1. I think it's a bug in Android Pie developer preview.

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Yes it is definitely problem with Developer Preview. The app is just not compatible with that. I also tried to have motion photos, the app instantly crashed. Thank you so much for your help. Will roll back to Oreo. 
Rollback to Oreo 8.1 and wait for stable Android Pie. Android Pie stable update will be available in the next few days.
Stable Android Pie update is now available for Nokia 7 Plus.

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Do we need to backup our data before installing the update?
No need to backup data.
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