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I was using my NOKIA 6.1 PLUS and then suddenly the display became white completely with lines on it. And the phone started to heat very much from the bottom side.So I switched off the phone and restarted it but it is having the same white display and heating. 

NOTE: The phone is not water damaged and is not dropped.

PLEASE HELP ME NOKIA! I want replacement of this phone. 

Here's the pic :

Replace the phone within 10 days in flipkart

The return period is over bro. I have given the phone to service centre, they have told me to wait for 10 days.what the heck.

My first phone had lot of issues like heating , touch issues so i got a replacement within 10 days period from flipkart Now the replacement is also having hardware issues like power button and volume button not fitted properly , speaker is crackling. I am starting to think maybe other users in india is having these problems as well. There is noticable gap or glue between the fitting of glass and frame. Though they are minor its not ok for a 16k device. I have posted a thread in this forum about my issues. Let me know if you have faced any of these fit and finish issues. 

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