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VoLTE and VoWifi icons on status bar


I have a Nokia 7 plus, model TA-1046. I'm from Romania and my mobile operator is Digi. Mobile Romania.

Digi. Mobile offers VoLTE and Vowifi for Nokia 7 Plus.

These services work but are not shown in the status bar status icons.

I tried with another sim and nothing changed. I put my sim in another phone (Samsung S9) and the icons appear in the status bar.

Can you help me? Is a setting required?

Thank you.

I have a Nokia 7 plus, model TA-1046. The status bar shows LTE calls in use.

Thank You!

Do you think the phone has a problem?


Your phone is fine, I'm from Romania too and my mobile operator is Digi.

The icons are not showing up in the status bar but work as they should.

Thanks Daniel!

Then what is the problem, if icons appear on other operators?

Is it possible to come up with us with the next update?

Or is it a Digi problem?

Thank you.

Finland or sarvikas can You help?

Thank You!

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