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Nokia repeatedly stalls, freezes and or crashes

Hi all,

I'm trying to determine if the following issues are known software problems, or that I might need to send my phone back for repairs. I hope you can shed some light on my problem.

I have tried a factory reset. But after a certain time, all issues shown below reappear.

  1. The phone regularly freezes when switching between landscape and portrait orientation.
  2. The phone regularly freezes when starting apps.
  3. The phone regularly stalls when activating the screen.
  4. Camera always stalls or freezes on the first try. I need to close the default Android camera app and restart it in order to actually make a picture. 
  5. Camera often stalls when changing between landscape and portrait view.
  6. The camera app sometimes crashes after issue 1 or 2 occurs. I then get an error saying that no camera is connected.

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Additionally, please find below my phone specifications.

Model: TA-1043

Build nr: 00WW_2_22E_SP02

Age: I have the phone for circa 5 months

When did problems start: from the start

Having some issues as well, slightly different to what you described but a fair amount of random freezes and stalls. I usually keep it clean as well and don't leave a bunch of apps running at same time or anything so don't know whats up, started having these issues about few months after purchase!

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