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So nearly a great phone.

I've had a 3310 (2g) since May and I love... most of it.  I love its simplicity, its style and I just love the fact that it's not an iPhone.

But there are a few software glitches that are so bad I am now seriously considering giving up on the thing.

1.  The key-lock.  It's just too easy for the keys to become unlocked whilst in your pocket.  For goodness' sake, Nokia.  The old Menu>Star key combination worked great.  Please reintroduce that.

2.  How about a "memory almost full" alert?  I wrote a long text to a friend the other day; when I pressed SEND the phone informed me "there is not enough memory".  At this point I assumed it wanted me to delete something to make space.  However when I left the screen it did not save my message to drafts, as I had expected it to.  It merely deleted my long, carefully worded and perfectly punctuated text.

That was when I began to look longingly at my wife's iPhone.

3.  Use the SD card to save messages.  Look, no-one's going to have a photo collection on this phone.  Forget it.  But using an SD card to increase message storage would be very welcome.

4.  Multiple numbers for the same contact.  Another easy software fix.

5.  I could go on... but I'm bored now.  Please, Nokia, at least fix the above points which, I guess, are all barely entry-level programming.

Then it will start to become the phone we all hoped we were going to get.

Thank you.

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