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Major issues with my Nokia 6.1 plus

The power and volume buttons are not fitted perfectly . They wobble when I press it and it does not feel good due to that imperfect fitting. Display when u see a full white background web page. I can see very dim white vertical lines if I see the background . I cannot see pixels but I can see white lines. Speaker is not clear for music it crackes on audio with treble and bass and not so loud. Build quality not good there is gap in glass panel and the aluminium frame not fitted properly and there is glue visible too in the same area .
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If any is facing fit and finish and hardware issues. Kindly post here so nokia can fix these during manufacturing. 

The display quality is not perfect. Not tested properly. 

The speaker is not good at all

The fit and finish needs more attention. I don't like to see some glue filling the gap between the frame and the glass and the screen.

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