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Speaker and Mic Not Working During Phone Calls

During phone calls using the default phone app, my speaker and microphone will not work. My mom has the same phone as me, and we both started experiencing this problem this week. My system is up to date, there is no service outtage in my area, I have tried resetting the Mobile, WiFi, and Hotspot settings, I have tried adjusting setting on Google's settings to no avail, and nothing works. The mic and speaker are only faulty on the default phone app - every other app can access both just fine. Additionally, when I make a call, I can't even hear the line ringing. The volume is up as high as it can go as well. Putting calls on speaker doesn't work either, nor is the mute button on. I have android 8.1.0, and I purchased this Nokia 6.1 only a few months ago. I have only downloaded verified apps, and scanned my system for viruses. I have no idea how to fix this. Please help - I really need to be able to make phone calls!!
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