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When will Nokia 7 plus get android pie update

It is said that Nokia 7 plus will get android update but till date it's not please we want it soon as your promise

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This topic is answered by Sarvikas on Twitter. He said something about Issue of Certification. And is solved now and running a final test. You can see it this month hopefully.

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7 plus met with a couple of tricky platform specific certification bugs. We've got them now and are running final round of tests for quality assurance. Apologies for the delay. Like you know from Beta Labs, stability is there

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Can we expect it this month.... Atleast at the end of the month?¿?? Can we Can we???

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HMD announced a delay for the Android Pie Rollout for Nokia 7+

Source=NokiaMOB :

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Update will come in 1 January 2019
Update will come in first half part of september ... 2019.
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