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Nokia Camera Version 90.9

Hi guys..just received this nokia camera update (155 mb).. it has good interface and alot of option now.. havent tested it yet in outdoor picture taking.. this evening ive tried the regular photo mode and the hdr option was off, but the flash was not there.. when i shoot during night, apparently it looks dark because of having no flash.. how to solve it?

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You received camera update after september update?

It appears Nokia substituted the Google Camera app with their own. You can get it as an update through the Google Play Store

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And is working? Or no Flash as I see above?
Same problems in pro mode. Processing...and never ending. Useless. :(((

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I deleted Data in hope to get pro mode working. No chance! But guess what, this is funny... They forget also the old tutorial! Swipe up for pro mode...etc. Guys, you work too much and no result.
Bugs. 1. Pro mode...Shutter speed has no effect in preview like ISO or Exposure Compensation. 2. Only PIP window have stabilisation, the big window from rear camera have not. Regardless video resolution, no stabilisation at all (e.g. full hd).
Pro: excellent battery usage. Congratulations! Note: pro mode works only when saving photos on internal storage. On sd card not working.
PIP photo only 2.4 MP ?! DualSight photo only 4.2 MP.
PIP video only 15 fps 
Pro mode never ending,but using flash it works.I hope it will be fixed.
@shin, there is flash sin, esure you are using camera when your battery level is above 15%, as this happened with me. After after charging the flash come back. Becoz in battery saver mode flash doesn't work.

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Another bug for Nokia team: focus hunting in full sunny day light. Camera on tripod, landscape, no moving subjects. And camera focus again and again. Worst video I ever seen on a smartphone ever!

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I got camera and security patch update yesterday.I think camera improve little bit from old one.Its added Google Motion,Emoji,Some Good Shots settings in emoji for low light photos.
Got it right after securith patch for september.. and its all ok now.. except for one thing, sometimes, images were stock at procesaing pace but i i've read someone's post that it is due to "save to sd card" option, haven't try it yet coz i uninstalled the update.. let me know guys if it really solved the problem..
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