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Headphone detection issue

Hi, I've been experiencing an issue with my phone where sometimes when I plug my headphone/earphone, the phone wouldn't detect it and audio would still come out of the loudspeaker. But as soon as I took the headphone out, the audio dissappeared, then came back when I plugged my headphone back. So I assume my phone detect the headphone when I was taking it out instead of plugging it in. And it would only solve if I reboot the phone. Is anyone experiencing the same issue?

Yes its happens with my N7+ too but after i installed discord app for voice chat for gaming like pubg and pess2018 mostly even my friend who got poco f1 have the same issue after installing discord app so im assuming its bcoz after installing discord app.
That's interesting. But I never installed that app or anything similar.
So maybe some other apps which required microphone permission because discord needs that permission and i got the issue after installing that app
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