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Objects appear closer than they are in video 1x zoom only

In both front and rear camera while recording videos in 1x zoom itself the objects appear closer than what they actually are in reality, is it how it is supposed to be with this camera lens? or is this an issue?

Please fix ASAP and provide normal view that is distance should be accurate as in reality and not showing zoomed in or closeup shot in video recording

I too have the same issue. It's very difficult to shoot video for close objects.

Today I checked it again and for a while I felt may be its the other way around i.e. photos look farther (front & rear) than reality and videos (front & rear) are actually in normal/real distance, may be due to this it feels as if video is being too close to objects after seeing photo mode hmm... what do you guys think? let me know...

Also in photos if we do 2x zoom it is equivalent to 1x zoom in video, it doesn't seem the case with other phones right like the Asus Zenfone 5Z or Oneplus6 or any Honor mobiles, etc?

I think it is not about whether the camera is a wide angle (like Asus Zenfone 5Z) or normal but more over about the implementation, because in Asus the wide angle lens is to get wide picture/video but the other primary lens work normally and doesn't zoom to much

I searched for this topic in internet but couldn't find anything apart from this video of comparison b/w Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8

There's nothing wrong with it, many phones when stabilisation is enabled it crops the video

@Seanetta okay, thanks for your comment, but I see in 4K recording where there is no stabilization is also producing the same results

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