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Very bad music experience

Very bad music experience music in head phone is not so good it lower than avg sound quality

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Yeah sound quality is very poor.i had mi a1 previously its sound quality was amazing

I am using Mi Headphone costing Rs.799/-. The sound quality is amazing. Dont use native headphone of Nokia. you wouldn't enjoy the music.

Temporary solution for crackling sound is to switch mono audio on in accessibility settings and turn it back off And permanent solution may be is to turn off voice search in google app settings to unlock device form any screen by saying ok google
I am using sony mdr xb450 headphones When i am hearing music some continues noise are coming Is am having defective phone?
Even i am using boat earphones and even iball headphones but still in both the cases i am hearing a continuous sound in the background and it irritates a lot ive tried the equalizer too but its not helping.It effects the sound quality and is not giving the perfect sound,any solution!
For buzzing sound i have found a trick. You need to turn off 'Access with Voice Match'. For this you have to go to- Settings>Google>Search, Assistant & Voice>Voice>Voice Match....... Here, turn off the 'Access with Voice Match' feature. Restart and you will not hear the disturbances it was causing while playing music and on call. I've found thia by trial and error. Comment if it resolves for you.

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Thank you brother it worked and the sound is normal now,ginally can enjoy music
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