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Android 8.1 Issues

A few days ago i update my device to Android 8.1.0 and since then the battery lasts much less and the screen heats up a lot. Even without the wifi and mobile data. If any of you guys could help me, i'd greatly appreciate it.

I am experiencing the same problem too... 

Same issue with last Oreo 8.1 update. Now the battery is draining from 100% to 30% in about 10 hours without using the phone (no apps installed/used). Need a quick fix as soon as possible...

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After 8.1 update, battery is draining rapidly. Now needs a full time separate charger. Should be solved by Nokia/Google (Android) because it is an android one device.

Could be there are more apps running? I'm on 8.1 now too. Under 8.0 I had apps getting killed that I did not want to get killed, so did some hacking to stop that happening. I've read that in that respect, 8.1 is better that 8.0 - fewer apps getting killed off. End result = more apps = more battery usage? I think that is what I have noticed anyway, but too soon to tell for sure.

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Yes. I'm also facing the rapid battery draining after 8.1.0 ! On 8.0 battery life lasted about 2days with medium usage, but now it doesn't even last for a single day! Even Standby is also eating up battery heavily than 8.0

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I updated android 8.1 few days ago.and i am facing now more battery drain.before this update i can use this two days

Try to reset app preferences.

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