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Android One True or False

It is the end of September. Still have not received monthly security update or Oreo 8.1. I thought this was an Android One phone. Is there something wrong?

Have to admit I am disappointed with Nokia. I originally purchased the Nokia 2 but since it didn't update to Android Oreo I then purchased the 3.1 model since it was Android One. I figured it would be worth it. As noted above it certainly has not been a nice experience. At this point I would not recommend Nokia...

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Due to my experience I have to inform others to be cautious when purchasing Nokia product. The 3.1 has only been released for a few months and it is already behind on updates. Android One is supposedly pure and up to date. I have requested a supervisor and a refund due to this. But I am being ignored in email and chat. It is as if I payed money to be part of a beta program. I hope this changes in the future...
You are right. I also bought 3.1 and i regret... No september update and still no 8.1... Shame on you Nokia. I will not recomend Nokia at all. I bought this because of Nokia and android one but i think they are playing with costumers.
My Nokia 3.1 TA-1057 was updated to 8.1 with September patch in the last week of September. I am on O2 network in United Kingdom. Hope this helps

My 3.1 TA-1057 is still on 8.0.0 (Portugal carrier).

Is there any way that we can force the 8.1 update?

Mi Nokia 3.1 Just received october security patches and dropped the september patches and the 8.1 Don't understand why some models didn't received the update. Maybe they Will slip directory ti Pie?

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Just received October security patch but still on Oreo 8.0 (Europe Italy variant)

Stilll nothing in Portugal... No security patch and no 8.1... Very bad nokia. I can see last years phones in 8.1 and october security patch and this one nothing. What is wrong with rhis phone????
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