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Chromecast Casting does work for 6.1 !

Chromacast dongle 2 with a nokia 6.1 does work. Casting is all done via the Google Home app. Even the Screen mirroring works. On the Chromacast 1 Dongle it all works except for the Mirroring, it seems. Im using the Chromecast 2 with Nokia 6.1 1 Sept. 2018 update and latest google updates on the phone. No issues with casting. The only issue i see is that you cannot mirror your screen directly from the Cast button from the systems bars. But via the Google Home app mirror this works. --- Im writing the above because I see NO confirmation that this works..anywhere.. I only see and find messages that it doesnt work.. Not even on the Nokia Support pages.
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I am also facing similar issues while screen mirroring Nokia 6.1 Plus to my TV. I think Nokia should resolve the issue with an OTA update.
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