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Android Pie Stable Release Bugs ?

I got the stable release of Android Pie. Has anyone upgraded it yet? If yes, does it have any bugs. I'm waiting for some feedback before downloading it myself. Thanks 

Soo far so good glitch no sloppiness... butter smooth with more UI cosmetic changes like pixel like filled navigation buttons, pixel like date weather widget & more.
Having an issue of automatically going into vibrate mode for calls and notifications. Couldn't change using volume keys menu. If I change it to Ring/Loud mode in settings, it goes back to vibrate mode and shows 'calls and notifications will vibrate' in the bottom of the screen whenever I swipe up from home. The message appears on the bottom of the screen Everytime I swipe up from home, and the phone goes to vibrate mode.
My earpiece volume cracking during call. Can not see digital are ok till now
Digital wellbeing is pixel exclusive feature.... U can get this only by installing apk from other site.
I have been on Android Phone developer preview and now I am unable to download the original update. After downloading it's showing "installation problem" Please help me..

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Is the headphone jack issue solved? And also how can I enable system ui tuner without downloading nova launcher or other external apps?
Donno why u guys are facing issues... It's smooth n clear here. What's system UI tuner....& Why u need that ?? I think those are facing issues should reset device to clear all debuffs.
Ambient display is not working properly. Specially lift to check phone.
Idk whether the headphone jack issue still persists because I can't enable earphone connection symbol due to unavailability of system ui tuner that's why I'm asking that is the headphone jack issue solved?
The jack issue is solved
You can access system UI tuner by installing nova launcher & using activity widget (system UI>last option in that)
Not able to find 2 features after update to Android9 lift phone to check notification and Double tap to wake up. These features removed?
Go to gestures. These features are available.
I got bugs. Not interested to reset. The swipe up on home button is not smooth. The animation gets stuck. One more regarding night light notification toggle in notification bar. It shows the time when it switches on/off. In my case, the text that displays time is half vanished.
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