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Quick charging / nokia Support chat cheat

Greetings everyone... I'm a Nokia 6.1 plus user... As you guys know that Nokia 6.1 Plus supports quick charging 3.0... but have no quick charger on the box... I was contacted nokia support via Nokia support chat... I was asked that what should I do to get my Device charge quickly..? Someone from Nokia support chat told me that I should buy a fast charger... Then I asked him, "can I use Nokia 7 Plus to charge my Device quickly..?" He replied that i can use Nokia 7 Plus charger ... I asked if I was used that Nokia 7 Plus charger then .... How long it will take for my Device to charge 0-100% ...? He replied 1hr 30 min ... I was Asked him to make sure a lots of times.. He Told me "Yes" Now I bought Nokia 7 Plus charger .. But Not charging quickly.. Few mins ago I was contacted nokia support chat again and Asked me why it doesn't work ... They are replying.. you have to buy a fast charger ... Nokia 7 Plus not support... Then for what the ___ they told me to buy Nokia 7 plus charger..? Wasted money and lots of time .... I've even screen shots to submit anywhere... Where should I submit as complaint ...?

you buy a charger having 5V/3A. Not necessarily, you have to buy Nokia Charger. You can buy any charger but it should be a branded one. e.g., I am using Motorola Turbo Charger having rating 5V/3A. and it charges rapidly till 90%. After that, to charge remaining 10%, it takes 20 mins.

Unfortunately you didn't Got my post ... It's ok.. But How long it took to Charge 0-90%...? Where did you get that charger...? In a store ..? Or from any Moto mobile box...?
Every %, it takes 1 minute till 90%. After that it takes 2 minutes for next 1%. I was having Moto set previously, that charger I am using.

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Thanks for your kind and fast reply... Even That Nokia 6.1 plus 5V2A charger charges my mobile 1%/min ... Have you noticed that...? Have you ever compared and checked any difference between 5V 2A Nokia & Moto 5V 3A charger..? Coz I'm gonna buy that Moto 5V 3A charger if it's better ...

It charges rapidly (as you can see in the screenshot that I attached here) than the original Nokia Charger, for sure.


Even you can go for Asus Max Pro M1 charger. Only Adapter can be used, use the Nokia Type-C cable. This combination is also fine.

Go for Mi QC 3.0 charger , you will get it as low as 499/- from

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Nokia does not bundled QC 3.0. But it mentioned it will charge 50% in 30min with bundled one and it does what they claimed.. What i noticed with my nokia 6.1plus 0-50% in 30min 50-70% in Next 30min To reach 100 it takes 45min to 1hr..And its a good way to long last the battery life.. Fast charging at higher battery level can degrade the battery life.. If u r not satisfied with the charging time then get QC 5V 3A charger instead of 9v 2A. But remember always charge upto 80% for longer battery life... Haven't u checked nokia 7 specs before buying?
Thanks Harpreet.. Thank you Anubis Are you sure ...? It took around 1hr 45 mins to charge..?
It takes 2hrs and so from 0-100... But not advisable to reach 0 and charge till 100%as decreases battery life..

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Even that bundled 5V 2A charger charges 34%/30 mins when I turned off my mobile
0-70% usuallytakes 1hr - 1hr 15min after that it charges slowly till 100%..
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