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Bug after updating Android pie

I have upgraded my Nokia 7 plus to Android pie version which was an official rollout. Now I am not able change my notification profile to Ring. When I change it, automatically it goes to vibrate mode. Whenever I change it to Ring/Loud. A few seconds later it goes to vibrate mode automatically.

More clarification: Having an issue of automatically going into vibrate mode for calls and notifications. Couldn't change using volume keys menu. If I change it to Ring/Loud mode in settings, it goes back to vibrate mode and shows 'calls and notifications will vibrate' in the bottom of the screen whenever I swipe up from home. The message appears on the bottom of the screen Everytime I swipe up from home, and the phone goes to vibrate mode.
For me Not getting any bug it's working perfectly bro m from Chennai
But I am having the problem bro.. i tried rebooting it several times, still having the issue. Just hoping some moderator reads the post and gives me a solution
Check play store some apps need to update then try it
I have just turned off the 'Shortcut to prevent ringing' option. And it works fine bro!
K bro enjoy
If it is only your problem, then try Factory Reset
I have been on Android Phone developer preview and now I am unable to download the original update. After downloading it's showing "installation problem" Please help me..
U should have checked ... prevent ringing option under gesture menu.
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