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Nokia 7 plus Android 9 rollback to 8.1

So, after today's release of android P I've immediately updated. What I got was truly disappointing. The system itself feels raw and unfinished. I've noticed that it's a bit buggy too. 
And now I have a question. Is it possible to go back to Android Oreo from android P? 

Having an issue of automatically going into vibrate mode for calls and notifications after update. Couldn't change using volume keys menu. If I change it to Ring/Loud mode in settings, it goes back to vibrate mode and shows 'calls and notifications will vibrate' in the bottom of the screen whenever I swipe up from home. The message appears on the bottom of the screen Everytime I swipe up from home, and the phone goes to vibrate mode. I want to rollback as well

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Just turned off the ' shortcut to prevent ringing' option and it works fine.. no other bugs!

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Yep.I feel some polishing is necessary considering how smooth Oreo is.I hope they provide it sooner than later.Also the new notification drop down is horrible for me.Not a very good screen there!

Thanks a lot, Gokul.

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