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Regarding delivery

If we pre order Nokia 5.1 plus, then is it possible to receive it before 1st Oct. I am asking this because my tracking status is showing the phone is on the way and be delivered by 29 sept.

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Have you received the phone?
Nope not yet
Ok. My got shipped today. It is showing 4 to 5 days for delivery.
Yeah, mine was shipped on 26th September too
Check the tracking ID for exact location. Mine is shipped via Delhivery.
Yup mine too. It was showing reached at destination city since 28th
Oh. Wait for few days it will come. Otherwise contact courier service.

Mine too is having same issue. Not sure why aren't they delivering. Not able to contact the courier service.

Any update?
My phone is still not delivered but when I called delhivery they told me that the shipment will be delivered by Wednesday for sure
You contacted Delhivery customer care?
You are from which city?
Yes I contacted delhivery New Delhi
Ok 
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