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Inbuilt Equalizer for all apps

I know we have a Equalizer present in the Google play music but that Equalizer just works within the Google play music app. I was expecting the independent Equalizer from nokia with the pie update but now what they done is only changed the Google play music Equalizer to old school style but haven't included an independent one. Its sometimes very annoying when i use apps like Spotify , YouTube and other similar music streaming app with flat sounds.

Stock experience never gives Equalizer support. U can always get this by installing 3rd party Equalizer from app Store.
Hey, my last Micromax Canvas a1 which was a part of android one program had an inbuilt Equalizer and 3rd party Equalizer uses alot of battery with added irritating notification
Android one doesn't mean no customisation... a lot of companies modify their android one device accordingly like Xiaomi, moto, general mobile, HTC etc. It's Nokia who purely gives pixel like stock essence... & In pixel there is no equaliser. & I think a lot of music streamers have equaliser built-in like Spotify n Saavn.
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