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HMD is not like the previous Nokia.

I got a new Nokia 7plus just a month ago. Being a regular Nokia user I was excited about the phone. The phone is really good and I love the make and the performance of the phone. But on the 20th day of my usage the phone was not getting charged. I took it the service center and checked it they told that it is a hardware issue. And they would fix it for free. I kindly requested them for a replacement. Then they told me talk to the customer care service, even the customer care were not helping me out, they were forcing me for a service, inspire of so many mails and request there never turned up to replace the phone . So finally with a very heavy heart I agreed for a service. They gave the phone back after 15 long days. So here comes the new problem after the service phone was working fine, in two days after the service the display started to come out ,there was a gap between the body and the display. Again I called the customer care and they told me to take the phone to service center and stick it I really felt bad the feeling when you take your phone back to service again . They stuck the phone and gave it . It's just 3rd day today again the display is coming out. The service center is 60km away from my place imagine the time it will take in Bangalore traffic. Even now I am kindly requesting a replacement. I am not blaming the product it is the particular headset I have is facing issue please please do help me with this I am not happy with keep going to service center. Kindly I request a replacement I am not asking my money back. Please understand my situation. Previously I had a Nokia lumia730 it had some manufacturer problem after 4months of usage the company immediately agreed for a replacement but HMD is not doing that. Let's see how they are going to handle this situation . This will show how customer friendly they are. Will keep updating here about the process.

Yes HMD is Chinese they just using nokia brand name for their own benefits.

Imagine did people buy expensive 7+ if it was released with HMD brand logo? Never!

HMD is like another Chinese brand who is fooling customer by using the nokia name.

@user1517078141812 don't give wrong information...dude. HMD is Finnish company. HMD is from the land where Nokia was born. A lot of patents & nokia engineers still in the hand of Microsoft. So may not full but a good percentage of Nokia is in HMD.

FYI, HMD is not Chinese, it's Finnish. Only the production is in China, like almost every phone in the world. Even iPhone is made in China.

HMD global Oy Suomi  Karaportti 2, 02610 Espoo

HMD global Oy Finland Karaportti 2, 02610 Espoo

 Why Nokia released its new smart phone first at China?

That will affect the size of the market area.

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