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Digital wellbeing not working on Nokia 7 plus

Digital wellbeing not working on Nokia 7 plus after Android 9 update

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Just side load digital wellbeing APK from apkmirror & the it will appear in the settings.

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You have to reboot manually after the updates finished installing

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This did not work for me Sherlock.
I used Nova launcher and used widget-activities and selected digital well-being. And select show app in list... There u go . It will appear in Settings
You need to be a Beta tester of the Digital wellbeing app otherwise you can't install it. You need to sign up on this link: Then it will take some time before you can download the app, up to 24 hours. If you can't find the app when you search for it in the play store you can go to the my apps and games menu and scroll over to beta. Then it should be there after you sign up to be a beta tester. If it doesn't show in settings after installing the app do a restart of the device.
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