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Not receiving system update android pie

Me im not receiving android pie update , update was released globally on 28.9.18

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In the first run only 10% of the Users are getting the update.
If I'm correct this 10% are also just in India.

The remaining users have to wait until HMD could see that there are no major issues with the update before the global rollout starts.

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We're still waiting for the update here in Nigeria.

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Android pie is a staged it may take a short while before you get yours

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No update for Ta-1046 in Nigeria till now.

so they were misleading their customers into believing everybody will receive it in september... if they wanted to test it at first, why not just inform everyone about it? I don't mind beta builds, as long as it is disclosed, that it actually is a beta, which seems to me, this release actually is...
even pixels had problems with new updates being pushed, but they actually issued the update GLOBALY - for everyone to download, not just to 10% of users in one specific market. Nokia is full of s**t

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