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Issue with charging after installing Andriod Pie OTA update

So, last night my Nokia 7 plus had received OTA update of Android Pie. I have downloaded & installed it. As soon as after that, my phone is not charging properly. If the connect the charger, it shows that the phone is charging. But, after 15-20 seconds the phone stops charging. I have tried booting in safe mode but it won't work. I have done factory reset and even that won't work. I can confirm that it is not a hardware issue as i have tried charging with other type-C chargers but still the issue persists.

Today I'll be taking my phone to Nokia Care and see what they have to say.

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Hi, did get any remedy after visiting the care centre

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Hi, did get any remedy after visiting the care centre
Hi, I'm also facing the same issue, today I visited the service centre. They said it's a liquid issue i.e. liquid has been filled into charging port and it got some corbon around, so they asked me to submit the phone for 15-20 days but I denied for it later they asked to come on Wednesday(3rd oct) and submit it in morning and get it by evening. But if issue is there in charging port due to corbon material then how it is geting charged by different adaptors? Is it possible to revert it back to Orio ?
Hi, Pls try with a different cable and the same charger. Or, with a different charger and same cable. It worked for me. It should work for you as well
Thanks for the suggestion, can We get a new charger from the care centre itself?
You can, if the charger is under warranty.
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