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Double Tap issue on Android Pie

Hi All, Today morning I updated N7plus with Android pie & observed that Double tap is not working to wake up the phone. Tried to find option in "Gesture" but it's not there as it was with previous version. Anyone has any idea ? & Does others are experiencing same problem?

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To find under settings, display, extended, tap to activate
I couldn't see any of "Extended" option under "Display" after upgradation to P9
I still have the Developer Preview, but I can not imagine that it is different in the stable version
Maybe someone who is already on the stable version will answer. In the beta it is, as I wrote.
Just follow these steps Setting Display Advanced tap to wake up

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@Jawaid - "double tap" option was available under Display -> Advance in previous version.... Currently I m on Android 9 pie update...? In pie update "I don't see "the same option. Have you installed pie update? @user1533638064361 - I m using stable version as it says "Android Version 9" in system update
After restarting phone the "Wake up" option available under Display & it's workings... However, I do see another issue of dual screen...It's not working fir me...Do you guys have same problem??
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