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Where is my Android 9.0 update

There is so much news about 9.0 update rollig out for Nokia 7 plus, and yet i still do not have it. And in some post they said that in india is live. Why do you simpli do not let everyone to get it in same time???

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i agreed with you bro what is so special about india:)

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same here didn't get the update yet saudi arabia

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yesterday their last day of work now already weekend,we will get the update maybe on Monday

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I am in UAE and i received the update yesterday as soon as it announced

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Well good for you, but that is not an answer from nokia why they do not gave it to all users at once. It is very shity to know that someone got update for same device like you and you do not have it whitout any obvies reasons. Next phone i teak will not been nokia!

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@jawaid what model number of your nokia?where both here in middle East why here in saudi still not available

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@user1538212304160 Handkerchief?
It's not about India or some other country. This model(TA-1046) is getting update first and it's a staged it may take a while before you get yours
Why should we as user care about that we all pay same price. And if they are not capable of delivering updates to all at same time why dont they do it silently. What was point on braging about something that you are not able to deliver?
All companies do the same thing it took some time to get the updates as they cannot roll the updates at same times other wise servers will be overloaded and then every body will be infected so maybe they update first the models which are more in numbers then others
I am using TA 1046 global variant in Oman but I haven't got update yet.
is anyone in the EU got an Android Pie update or just in Asia?
I'm from Portugal and nading at the moment.
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