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Where is my Android 9.0 update

There is so much news about 9.0 update rollig out for Nokia 7 plus, and yet i still do not have it. And in some post they said that in india is live. Why do you simpli do not let everyone to get it in same time???

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Answer from Nokia to the question about Android Pie update for Nokia 7 Plus in Croatia (EU): Thank you for writing to Nokia Mobile Care. We would like to inform you that at the moment Android 9 Pie upgrade is not fully released yet, at the moment it is rolling out to ensure the quality and stability. Please take into acount that the country and mobile operators need to aprove the update for the users to enjoy, so the main delay might come from their approvals, but don't worry, you won't have to wait long.

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So, there is a bug or a Problem.

To many Versions of the Device and, i think to many Revisions of the Device so there are a bit of  Problems with the rollout.

Nokia takes the secure way and rollout in waves, small waves.

thats the good way, on Windows pohne there was a time an rollout was newar a disaster after found out that the stable Version had a bug, the same on Windows 10.

i`ve read that there are a litte bit of apps that are Mission and Need to  be loaded per unknown Sources.

i have it now on my. but, i dont like to load apk.

Nokia should bring somethink like Windows recovery Suite for Windows phone for the Nokia phones.

Rollout in waves is not problem if they said like that and if they implemented it same way like google does. Because that is far why to do it. But then problem will be in fact that your carrier is asked foe approval. Whic should mot be a case, so if you do not do it manualy like many of as sis good luck in getting it any time soon.

If you have the TA-1046 model (or TA-1055 & TA-1062) and you can't wait, you can sideload the OTA update.

Go to https://forum.xda-develop...7-plus-ota-links-t3818774 and follow the procedures

I have TA-1046 and installed it this way.  It works like a charm and as it is a OTA update, you will keep receiving the monthly updates.

In short, the procedure is like this:


charged phone
NO PC nor SD Card necessary

-Download the update
-Rename the .zip file to:
-Save the update in the Root map of your phone
-Open the phone app and call  *#*#874#*#* to start the update
-Now wait patiently and restart when requested

it is possible that after the restart, the Android One & Nokia welcome screens take some time to disappear.  But wait patiently and you will see 'Android is starting'

but i dont have a carrier Phone i have a free. 

and with none,

wlan, o2, vodafone, telekom it was rolled out.

but yes, there should be a way for free phones, and not inofficial per some Infos of the world wide web

Tech article from yesterday. Link: Quote: "The higher-end smartphones such as the Nokia 7 Plus and the Nokia 8 Sirocco will be getting the update by November." How's that "in a few days," I ask?
Screw that, I decided to sideload it... Nokias customer service has went to s**t...
As I said in my last post - the same company mismanagement. I see no advantage in Android One at the moment, when the Security Patches are left out. So I am switching back to Samsung S and selling the 7plus. It is really sad, how easy the competition makes it for Samsung. :-(

im frome Romania my nokia 7 plus biuld number si 00WW_2_22M and i have not get any update of thoi new android pie and i still got the August 1 ,2018 Secutity Patch so where are thouse update of security ????? and the new Android Pie , this is a big joke for us  so tell me where is that freee 2 years of update security pach where ??????? ( in haven ??)

Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 8 Sirocco smartphones will be upgraded by November.

@FINLAND confirm
@Laura Forget now for second the Pie update, and tell me why are we still on August security patch? My calendar shows me it's 8th October. And Google already released even the October security patch.
Another answer from Nokia to my question: QUESTION: A lot of people in your forum ( looking for an answer to the Android Pie question for Nokia 7 Plus. I think that you should officially respond and confirm the update date. It should not be so difficult. Best regards ANSWER: Dear customer, Welcome to Nokia Mobile Care We understand, that you are looking forward to the Android Pie update. For the moment we don't have any information when the updates will begin for each country, but the roll-out has begun, and the Nokia 7 plus devices will receive the Pie as soon as possible! Also, it should be noted, that the roll-out is in a phased matter to ensure quality. We will start with open markets and operators will follow shortly due to required approval process. When the update is available for each device, you'll receive a message automatically.
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