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Where is my Android 9.0 update

There is so much news about 9.0 update rollig out for Nokia 7 plus, and yet i still do not have it. And in some post they said that in india is live. Why do you simpli do not let everyone to get it in same time???

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@Laura I join the @Domimo question, does NOKIA have the same calendar or do you use any other? Provide some information on the calendar of your company. Regards
seriously, nokia has been a huge disappointment so far. all i see from them are lies and broken promises. pathetic. i decided to sell this device and go for oneplus 6 or 6t (although more expensive but worth)

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@laura. so its november they said? let me get this straight. they decided to roll out pie to a few users last month just so they can tell the world that that they delivered on their promise. rofl. if they cant hold on to their words then just give SP on time ffs

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User1538487589693 if you don't have a Nokia phone any more why are you still on this forum.

This is really ridiculous.

When Androidone was launched, it was initially intended for low-cost handsets. I was using a generic phone back then (costing only about $80 that time), but the updates were coming in real time as soon as Google release them.

Nokia embraced the Androidone platform yet it seems they're struggling to keep up with the updates. My 7+ is still on August security patch -- is this what Nokia calls "Secure and up to date"?

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@chris_t610. Just a thought, might be your carrier, if you own a carrier device it might be them not releasing the latest security patches and firmware. Had the same issues with samsungs with my carrier for the past 5 to 10 years now.

@TodesUrteil Hi mate. My unit is sim-free and unlocked; TA-1046

Really wondering what's keeping Nokia (or HMD) from releasing Pie. We're almost 2 weeks now since they initially released it -- if indeed this is a phased release, 2 weeks is already a long time for a lot of folks to wait.

Besides, Androidone is supposed to be from Google -- it is like the Pixels receiving the updates almost simultaneously. Just my thoughts.

So I have a Nokia 7 plus which is advertised as Android One, but I am still on August 1 security update, so Android Pie is even further away. Is this a joke? I like this phone, but the support is awfull. Nokia should have never put Android One logo on 7 plus...
Update available in Sweden. Model number TA-46.
Frank in Sweden is it running smoothly or is there any bug's.
So something is happening? The Pie 9 upgrade is starting? Poland is waiting
Just recieved the pie update in Australia model TA-4055
My bad TA-1055

@Frankla It works very well. I haven't seen any bugs so far. The performance is actually better than it was on 8.1, the phone has become blazingly fast.

whole idea of buying android one device is that assured updates and ontime updates from google. if nokia fails to meet this then what google is doing. really painful to see this kind of situation with many fellow users didn't got their update so far. this is a shame for sure

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