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Where is my Android 9.0 update

There is so much news about 9.0 update rollig out for Nokia 7 plus, and yet i still do not have it. And in some post they said that in india is live. Why do you simpli do not let everyone to get it in same time???

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They been selling this device under false advertisement for example I'm still on August security patch so there can be some law consequences.
Well i hope they will have some, because they deserve it!!!


Hi all, 

As it is stated in other topics and as our CPO mentioned in his tweet. The Android Pie update is a phased rollout, which means not everyone receives it on the same day. When you receive it depends on several factors. I know you all are waiting  patiently but in the first rollout just 10% of the Nokia 7 plus have received the update. The rollout takes some time but you will receive it shortly.  

Best regards, 


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which means exactly what? that it will be pushed for another 10% in december? while us still being on august security patch, potentially vulnerable to new and new threats being discovered daily? either do it correctly, or don't promise something you can't see through

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And did this 10% paid more for those phones?

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Dear Laura And what about the security patches? Why am I on August security patch? And please don't tell me because of my operator.
The comments here are even more worse than in XDA forums. And that's not a compliment.

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the idea behind this phone being in Android One program is fast updates, either small security updates or major, OS ones. I understand that complications can appear (which is exactly what happened here), but stop hiding behind words like "10% of users received it" "it's a phased rollout" admit that you can't provide the same experience across multiple markets for majority of your consumers, because HMD is really at fault here. even brag about Nokia 7 Plus having 9.0 Pie on product page, even though, very few people are actually able to enjoy it ATM. 

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Nokia please we need this update, am tired of checking everyday,

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All the phones should get Android Pie in the next few days, just be a bit patient. And those people who have received it didn't pay more but it is how it works and I can't change it. All big updates get out in stages to ensure the quality of the update. 

@Dodimo The SP for Nokia 7 plus should be out so far I know. I can't tell you why you haven't received it. Where are you from? And what carrier are you on? 


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@Laura Im living in UK and my operator is Vodafone.
"All big updates get out in stages to ensure the quality of the update" that is just bullshit. It is not problem in waiting, but in your braging about something you can not diliver. You could just done it silently and no customer would have any complainment. But you need to brag and then very few get it and it is mostly restricted to india.

@DioGenes , agreed. Children's playground.

There are so many posts to delete around here(not only in this thread) . XDA was not the place it was, but this here is even beyond that .

I'm not even sure if deleting 90% would be bad at this point , tough job for MODs .

If this forum is ever to become a decent place, all those complaints and senses of entitlement need to cut. Right now, I don't think there's any completely sane thread .

There is always hope it will go away once everyone is on Pie (until the next round) .

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@Laura You say it's a staged rollout to ensure quality. Well this update has a lot of UI glitches and bugs as confirmed by people on XDA, Google+ and on these forums. Can you confirm that the update is going to be pulled to ensure that quality? If not and the people still have to then get the update with these bugs then it renders the whole staged rollout pointless.

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