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Android p stable

I have observed a battery drain on my nokia 7 plus with stable pie.its just like previous developer build and also i cant access system ui tuner and fingerprint has also become very laggy and camera is not performing up to the mark..there are some other issues too and also much awaited face unlock isnt here.there is no smart selection also probably it was limited to pixel only but then also app actions are here which were limited to pixel only so it can also be here.I dont know what testing was going on if this isnt even stable and also device isnt certified in play charging is gone.No one know when it will return and phone isnt performing upto the mark and at this tym apart from android one this phone doesnt even look like 26k mobile.Try to learn from oneplus service.I m having both the phones and i m noticing that one plus is offering much better service..And if your camera is not performing upto mark just give us google camera and do some improvements in camera that it adjust itself perfectly and process image perfectly....and if you aren't reading this then this is poorest service...
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