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Face id

As I updated my nokia 7 plus to Android pie 9 via OTA but it doesn't give face id in it... As I request to nokia team to reapond me about this... As it promised by your team that Android 9 will support face id...

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I read On Nokia website that their Face recognition got rejected only Their Pureview display got approved
Please provide us the source @Mitu
Then we will not get face id by any means... But they promised about that... And when it is launched (nokia 7 plus) running on Android 8.0 it supports face id
It's smart lock .Nokia doesn't and didn't have a proprietary face unlock feature.maybe they will provide it in the future as they promised. They have promised us android pie in September right? And they did keep their promise!

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Meanwhile you could use face unlock in smart lock options. Just caution: Face unlock isn't very secure
Deepalakshmi @deepalakshmii Nokia 8 Sirocco, Nokia 7 plus and the new Nokia 6, as well as the Nokia 8 will get face unlock as an OTA update in the coming months...this is said by representative of hmd global (nokia)...
I upgrade my Nexus 6p to Nokia 7 plus due to face I'd unlock and dual volte feature in Nokia 7 plus but unfortunately indian version don't have this feature.Nokia please provide this feature soon as possible.
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