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Pie update finger print getting slow

Hi after receiving update to android pie my nokia 7plus finger print reader working very slowly it takes 2-3 seconds to unlock my phone. Plz fiz it soon its annoying to me.

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I have also same 9.0 update problems,,total phone get slow:apps opening, fingerprints, swich between two apps, hang, auto restart, etc,,,please solved it nokia quickly!!!!

I have the same issue as well on my Nokia 7 plus and I just contacted Nokia support about it. Unfortunately the only thing you can do is restarting the phone or doing a soft reset. I tried it myself and it worked, but only temporarily. After a few days it'll take about 3 seconds to unlock again... 

Maybe if we all report the issue to Nokia support they'll feel more urged to solve the issue in the next software update?

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Hello. I am Jatin Mathur from New Delhi. I have updated my Nokia 7Plus phone to Android 9 version. But the update has made my phone slower, because as I type or open an app, it happens with slight delay. It seems that the phone has started hanging a bit. I don't even use much apps and more than half of the storage of my phone empty. Please help me resolve this issue.

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I too have the same problem! Can anyone tell a remedy?

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