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Heating issues after Nokia 7 plus upgrade to Pie

Hi, My device is heating while normal usage, no multimedia or games. Also while charging too after upgrading to pie version. Thanks Sudeep

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I am having the same issue after upgrading, phone heats up even on very minimal usage.I've tried factory resetting, but the issue still persists
No I'm not facing heating issu... If you will complaint then they will turn off fast charging while using as they did before so i suggest ignore the heating issue.

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Did you get an OTA to update to Android Pie, Or did u sideload it using adb? 

Phone doesn't heat up while charging but it does when using . It's heating more than it was in Oreo specially in outdoor.

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It is OTA update and seems initially it was heating but settled now. It is looking great update and really revamped the device. Enjoying it
I also do feel that it is heating a bit more when using outdoors,more than Oreo did, especially the camera app,agree that here at my place (Mumbai) it's hot but in Oreo I never felt this hot on the phone
Charging is fine, actually I think there should be a toggle to disable or enable fast charging
Same heating issue with me and also battery drain quickly after pie update

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Yepp, hopefully they'll fix it with the next update. Phone cpu almost constantly stays at 41-43 degrees Celsius.

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Even I have been experiencing heating issues during normal usage on wifi. I am on airplane mode most of the time. Also battery is draining a lot faster than Oreo. I have disabled all the enhancements provided by Nokia and Pie upgrades but still to no vail. I have reformatted my phone atleast 3-4 times since Pie update but no help. I am left entirely clueless as if I try to use the phone to its full capacity it wont even last me for a day. 

For me it working fine now, battery consumption optimised and looking better then Oreo. No issues now.
@user1525856190359, did you have the same issues as what I am facing? What did you do to solve issues? Could you please elaborate? What about the heating issues. Thanks.
I halso have heating issues. Today i left my phone on the table for a few minutes. When i came back it said something like " Temperature is normal again" I didn't even use the phone when it overheated.I still didn't get the pie update. TA 1062 China
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