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Charger is not working

While plugging into power, it connects for 30-40 seconds and later it disconnect. Any suggestions on this?

Mine does the same, sending it off for repair later today
Hi, I have faced the same issue as soon as I have updated my Nokia 7 plus to Android Pie. Later, when I took it to the service centre along with the charger(which I got in the box). They tested by charging the phone with a different charger and cable combinations and it worked just fine with a different adaptor and the cable which I got in the box. So, the service centre guy said it was a problem with the adaptor. I have been using a third party fast charging adaptor since then & it's working just fine. But, the catch here is I have tried charging my friend's Huawei P10 with my Nokia's charger and guess what... It's working without any issue. I'm not able to understand clearly where the issue is... 樂
I have been facing the same issue after pie upgrade. However the delay is about 4-5 second Issue is not with the adaptor nor with the handset. Its something related to the pie upgrade. Lets wait for someone's post with a possible solution.
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