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Advance feature in Android Pie

Nokia pls make something different then other, now you are using Android one program which are used by everyone like moto and other but If u to do the same so then there no difference if u make different thing then it will awesome, like Samsung do and customize his Android and added some different feature which can be find in samsung mob only so nokia also should make that type feature which can find only in nokia mobile. To use Android one is seems same as using moto or other Android one phone. Pie update is awesome but Nokia can add some advance feature and his own UI...

No just no, going with Android One program made me buy Nokia again, its like having pixel phones on a budget and its works flawlessly and i am sure there is an app out there for any feature you want.
Then what would be the point of the android one programme? If you want skins and features over stock android you go with a mainstream phone.

The Android One program is the only reason I preferred Nokia over other prominent ones, it promises smooth and optimised performance without any bloatware, it also provides swift security patches and upgrades. That is what differentiates Nokia from other mainstream Android phone brands. So, I don't think there is any need to tinker with this.

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