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Comeback with poor customer service

Hi Nokia team, I hope my concern matters to you, as I purchased Nokia phone from Nokia website. I decided to buy it directly from Nokia website and hoped that I will be get enough support from customer care people as Nokia will focus on customer care service due to comeback in the market. However, it's been 3 days and my order is still in odered status. While I was purchasing this device I was being told it will get delivered within 3-4 days. I'm not concerned about when it will delivered but I'm concerned about did I make right choice buying Nokia phone? I mean since my order status did not move to next step and I'm trying to get update on my order.. customer service people keep trying to skip.. I already had words with Nokia care via chat and call as well but no help. All they do is give robotic ans or just try to run away without any ans. The very frustrated moment was when one call representative said You did not ordered any phone... This kind of experience will definitely cause issue after purchase. You don't have an answer of my query do not keep telling me to wait for 24 hr. Just tell the truth whatever is the issue. PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMER OR YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE IN THE MARKET... I'm very much happy to see you guys back in market again and want you get over market like before. Just help here thanks..

Hi. Did you get your phone? Even my phone's delivery status is in limbo.
Yes I have received my phone yesterday. Customer care service is very poor tho.
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