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Bluetooth issues

Hi, My Nokia has randomly disconnected from my Fitbit. More importantly it won't connect to the phone in my Vauxhall Astra. I have a SONY Infotainment system and it doesn't recognise it at all. It does however connect to my father's VW. Equally it doesn't recognise any other paired devices. This has all happened after the latest update. Please advise.

I have the same problem since the last update. What's worse is the problem with NFC and Wifi. It will help to restart, but it is quite inconvenient.
Not quite sure what I should do. Any thoughts would be most welcome.
Any news on this, my phone has lost all connections, now I am stuck as to get it working again
I now have the same problem. Not only downright inconvenient, it's dangerous, especially for driving. Please could Nokia do something about this.
Not only is it downright inconvenient, it's dangerous especially when driving. My wireless hands free kits are not working too. Plus I need my health trackers too. Please could Nokia do something about this.
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