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Touch becomes unresponsive

Hello everyone! I guess every 7 plus user is facing exactly the same problem as I. The problem of touch response is seriously becoming a major problem on this device even you cannot play a single game. The screen lags anytime and gives you a jerk which i hate the most on this device. Hope HMD GLOBAL will help us solving this kind of major problem on such a beautiful mobile either through an update or by informing us about what to do..!

Seem Nokia not even bother to answer us on this issue.

yes i had a same touch issue

Yes, me too. The screen is unresponsive for minutes at a stretch and the only way to use the phone is if I lock and unlock my phone again and then again and then again. Also, there is a very ugly flickering on the screen at times. All this on a phone which is not even a month old yet.

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