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Camera Needs improvement

Hey dear Nokia Hmd phone developers I think you need to improve your camera software. Nokia 6.1 plus has 16mp front camera still not producing best pictures really astonishing. Even with a dual rear camera it failed to produce best results. You need to make camera app faster , better low light performance, better picture quality and good bright selfie. You also have to improve AI features. I think your camera has enough capability it's your camera software has issues. Please improve soon

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I have the same grievance. And you have rightly pointed out that it is a software issue. Time interval setting option should have been provided in Time-lapse mode.

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As of now use Google cam as it really brings the most out 6.1 plus

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Blanson, can you share the apk link of Google Cam you are using.

So true,the back cam is below par with others in this segment. There is a gcam link in description of this video With gcam camera is best

try this one..  I faced problem with what Aryan R has shared. 

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