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Nokia 8 Unlock Lag

Maybe you already read about it, but I wanna reopen this topic. Since the Android 8.1 Security Update in June my Nokia 8 takes a few seconds (2-5seconds) to unlock. This issue is super annoying any already documented at Google:

Even the September security update didn't bring a fix. Of course i tried all other "fixes" on the net and they didn't work.

So I'm asking now: 

1. Is HMD Global aware of this issue and working on a fix? 

2. Or Is there a way to get an old Nokia 8 image and install it? 

The discussion is open. Please participate.

what method are you using to unlock it?

I use fingerprint unlock and just normal power button unlock. Both take a few seconds.

I'd say that was normal for fingerprint, it is now, and always has been terrible compared to other devices.

Power button is near instant on mine though, i wonder if anyone else is having problems.

No, it's not normal for a fingerprint unlock. It took 1-2s before the June Security Patch and now its 2-5s or sometimes even more. Other people have this problem too with that Android 8.1 June SP (see Power Button is the same issue. I guess, when I try to face unlock or another type of unlocking, it will be the same as well.

It's super annoying because the screen just doesn't turn on for some seconds and so I can't quickly check messages or the time. Or if I want to pay with my phone, I need those extra seconds. It's a reason for me to abandon my phone...

Well all i can tell you is what mine is like and my fingerprint scanner is rubbish now and it was rubbish 11 months ago when i bought it, it is very hit or miss.

That said when it does recognise a fingerprint the phone unlocks and screen does come on instantly

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