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Nokia ta-1062

Hey laura moderator if u see my post plz reply i need help


Hi Md Fahad, 

I see your post but I'm not from the technical support. So just in case you need technical support please contact >here<

Best regards, 


Hey device ta-1062 and build number start with "00WW" mayb my seller bought chinese version and set up a global problem is my security patch level is 1 may 2018...i didnot get any android 9 beta update after register in site and didnot get any security patch update...and my play store is showing that this device is can i solve my problem???will i get update of android pie stable????if u have not any official solutions...plz tell me the thaird party solution....its my risk me plz

Community Hero

This does sound strange. This is another example of why HMD should provide a Software Recovery Tool so that we can plug our phone into a computer, run the software and it will download the correct firmware and update the phone. This would allow anyone in Md Fahad's position to get their phone back to the correct settings.

However, since this tool doesn't exist I suggest you first contact support, as Laura suggested, and if that fails you should look for information on a tool called "OST", but this is definitely not officially sanctioned.

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