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4k video @60fps

I've been a huge fan of Nokia since the dawn of the 3310 and im still sticking to Nokia even though there are other compelling options like OnePlus/Xiaomi/LG. Ive even paid sort of premium for the Nokia 8 that I had purchased sometime ago and expected a premium phone with premium features. To be honest, I'm not really heartbroken and neither am I enthralled with what Nokia has offered me with their flaglish. Just a little disappointed to see some screen (screen burning ?) bugs, lack of EIS and the lack of 60fps 4k and full HD video recording which all the Nokia 8's major rivals were packed with. Really looking for forward to the next big os update and hoping to see these changes. A sincere Nokia user. Thank you .

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You can do 60fps in full hd.
Nope, not with the given camera app. If you have a way, please let me know the details.

You're aware the Snapdragon 835 can't encode video at 4k60p, right?

Sure, it can do 1080p60, but for whatever reason, a lot of devices doesn't support it, including the Nokia 8.

The Nokia 8 supports 1080p at 60fps as can be seen with the Google camera app, it is the HMD camera app that does not support it.

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