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Update confusion

So, Pie is out (for some!!!!) and there is now a september update for Oreo for TA-1055.

That twitter announcement was fake news by the CEO. They wanted to announce to look as if they know what they are doing! 

Thankfully there are people on XDA who know how to do things and we can sideload the updates as they are captured. 

There are people impressed with the phone but I tell them to avoid as HMD are not all they advertise themselves to be. 

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Same with TA-1046. I only got September Security Patch after force updating it via OTA.  I think pie for this device is not yet ready.

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I am having TA-1046. And I got update to Android Pie as Nokia rolled out stable android P on the day itself...
I have the TA - 1046 no update on mine N7p.

I too have TA-1046 and nothing, not even a security update...

TA-1046 in Europe, still no pie and i'm on August security patch!

Updates for TA-1046 is a mess. its not consistent

Yes I have a TA 1055. No sign of an OS update. Suspect release time table is all BS. Makes good advertising copy. But really it's just a pack of lies.

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