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Are you going to pull the update?

I asked on another topic but realise it may have been lost amongst the complaints about the update. It has been stated several times that the update is staged to ensure quality but this update is most certainly not quality. There are so many UI bugs it's not even funny. Whilst it doesn't affect usage as such it is very disappointing, especially when most of these bugs weren't even in the betas, they are newly introduced with the "stable" update. So is this update going to be pulled or not? If not when are these issues likely to be fixed? If the update isn't pulled it makes a mockery of the staged process does it not?

I don't understand why this back and forth, asking for update before it's release and now complaining about minor UI bugs and other irrelevant things and other topics like this, pulling the update, what?

WAIT, let the guys do their job, if you don't like the progress switch, same way I did when switching from Xiaomi to Nokia and I can say I'm very pleased till now.

Personally I'm from Romania and, because I couldn't wait for the update to show I manually side loaded the update, there are problems of course but for f*** sake stop complaining and actually say something useful.

Came in this forum to find some information not threads like this and other similar crap.

I didn't ask for the update early I was prepared to wait til it's ready. These bugs might be minor to some but they were introduced with a stable release and weren't there before. Why spend many months beta testing and then change something in the final release with no testing at all? That suggests to me there is something wrong with the release.
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