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when we get good focus camera application

using nokia 8 more then year, But sadly still did not get any proper update for camera...

while taking videos it always RE-FOCUSING again and again. while shootinng pics focus is not stable due to this FRONT camera pics are not  SHARP...not interested to use GCAM or other applications....@HMD JUHO SARVIKAS said 2 times already failed in his promise but now he recently said in android PIE we get update on camera...Now the question is, did he fail again or we expect something suprise from nokia camera update because on octomber 9th pixel 3 version launching.... we all know pixel are best in camera...where HMD nokia only good in papers bad in real....these guys focusing on launching new models instead of working on SOFTWARE OPTIMIZATION OF CAMERA DEPARTMENT

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It will refocus when you are shooting video, that's how autofocus works. Why there isn't a focus lock or an infinity option it is beyond me.

No point comparing the Nokia 8 with the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3 costs so much more as did the Pixel 2 to be fair, they will always be in a different league.

Shall we expect focus lock or infinity option in future update, And especially focus taking long time too, I'm speaking front camera.... Present Nokia is a China brand? What your opinion belter

No, HMD is Finnish and as far as i know Nokia branded HMD handsets have to be passed by Nokia themselves before they can be released. The handsets are made by Foxconn in China but lets be honest just about everything electronic is made by them.

As for what is going to happen with the Nokia 8 it is anyone's guess and anything i say would be just pure speculation. My personal opinion is HMD have released way too many handsets in too short a time, it will be a massive strain on resources trying to keep them all updated, In my opinion this is why the Nokia 8 especially given it is now over a year old does not appear to be a priority when it comes to the camera and other bug fixes.

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