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Proximity sensor issue during calls

Whenever I'm on call with other person. Loudspeaker gets on suddenly. May be phone's proximity sensor doesn't work properly. Usually screen turns off during calls for other mobiles but when im on call on this phone. I see frequently screen turns on. Is anyone facing this issue?

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Yes I have the same problem.. And from last two days I am facing the problem of connectivity during call. Call connects and call duration doesn't start and so the voice from my side is not audible to other side. When I changed the phone (thought might be sim card problem) there was no problem at all on other phone as I am using the Airtel sim card

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Same problem... Calls is a major issue and poor response on this forum... No body from Nokia is clarifying or acknowledging the issues
Same problem
This is the problem with almost every user of 6,1 plus user .on one forum I got the below workaround. Try that one if that help Step 1:Please try to force restart device by pressing volume up key and power key for 20 second. Step 2:Please perform Service test of touch by dialling star hash star hash 372733 hash star hash star. You will get too many service test option select PROXIMITY TEST and check whether its working fine or not. Step 3:Please Use device on safe mode for 2-3 hour- To activate and deactivate safe mode kindly follow below mention steps: -:Press and Hold Power Key Button. -:Then Press and Hold Power Off Option which will appear on display. -:You will get Pop up REBOOT TO SAFE MODE>>Then Press Ok. -:Device Will restart automatically then it will start in SAFE MODE. -:RESTART DEVICE to come out from SAFE MODE. Step 4:Try to perform Factory Data Reset (After taking proper backup of all important data) .

Hi,  am also having the same problem. Tried the suggested  Reset and  Proximity Check. Now running on Safe Mode. Till now no difference. Shall update. 

Update: The problem is not there while running in Safe Mode. But as soon as I switched back to Regular mode (after 30min or so) the problem was back. So seems like a conflict with some app. I am having exDialer  app , but the issue was there with the stock dialer also.  Any suggestions ?

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