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Over headphone volume is to low

While playing music or YouTube or other media app volume feel low as compared to Nokia 6. There should be Dolby Atmos for good volume enhancement.

Yeah even I feel that the volume is too low and that is a software issue.By listening to music on Airtel Wynk I can hear music at a good enough volume without distortion.Even volume on PUBG is good.They should have issued a software fix with the September patch.I just downloaded it.Will test and inform whether it changes behaviour.
The September update Doesn't contain any bug fixes as mentioned in the update info. Yes audio quality is very poor even when compared to 12 k device. The sound crackles on treble or bass when hearing music. Not worth the price . I am planning on returning the phone if Nokia doesn't address this issue

 Guys, This is not only the problem with Nokia. Even Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 running Stock like android has similar problem with Audio. I can vouch for a major Android Bug. Maybe there is a bug within Oreo itself. Zenfone Max Pro M1 and Nokia 6.1Plus both are running on the same version of Android. Both have similar issues. What do all think?

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